You are planning this year’s unforgettable event and you have to decide: will you get a live band OR a DJ? Why compromise?


The Beat Poets can give you the best of both. After many years in the music business we have discovered a market gap which we are the first to fill. 

The Beat Poets are two musicians, an instrumentalist and a singer, who take advantage of the flexibility of the music software Ableton Live 9 Suite. Ableton Live let’s you remix DJ Style, making every performance a new creative adventure. The Beat Poets performance put a fresh twist on today’s music and everybody’s favourite songs of the past. To get your imagination started, we may for example perform Michael Bublé in Techno style or AC/DC in Swing. We keep things changing so we never get bored, nor does our audience. Behind the wheel of this revolutionary music software are two of Switzerland’s most experienced and sought after musicians.